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Music Producer, Soundtrack Composer & Multimedia Maker

Since 1996 – Based in Zagreb/Croatia.

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Beats & Soundscapes since 1996

As an electronic music producer with a career spanning over two decades, I have released music albums that showcase my diverse sound.

In addition to my musical endeavors, I have also lent my talents to the film industry, composing soundtracks for numerous short and feature films, as well as commercial videos and presentations.



Fionna (2024)

Plazmatick - Fionna (2024)

14 New Tracks, to be released in late 2024

Plazmatick - Loner (2022)

Loner (2022)

Loner sets a New Standard for NFT Music Albums in the Region

Plazmatick - Maziš mi se

Maziš mi se / #cuddlycuddly (2020)

A Sensual Journey Through Experimental Electronica and Ballearic Soundscapes


Hrđava vremena / Rusty Times (2020)

A Dynamic and Electrifying Journey Through Time

Archive (90s-00s)

Demos, Early Works and Unreleased Tracks

Music & Album reviews

"Ten electronically seductive compositions that also offer a specific emotion close to the cinematic expression, represent Mihalinec as a serious composer of electronic music who thinks about, feels and offers music through his arranging and composing creativity. Simultaneously powerful and gentle, strong and timid, but devilishly exciting, it is no wonder that his musical creativity has been recognized even in Japan. A musical backdrop of liberated imagination that only requires closing your eyes. Very good! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
Dubravko Jagatic (, 2020)
"Maziš mi se" is an album, in the full sense of the word, and in that sense, old-fashioned - it is listened to as one ride, without traffic signs, and the dividing line between genres is set ablaze in a revolutionary brotherhood of everything under the common denominator of dance. It's a journey through the last 40 or so years of electronic music, where genres intertwine, slow down, greet each other, rev up at the traffic lights, and show each other the middle finger through the window with a smile."
Velimir Grgic (, 2021)
"Maziš mi se starts with more than enough material for partying, while the rest reveals an ambient background tailored just for a well-sounding living room."
Ilko Čulić
"This is the music to immerse yourself when you miss the Mediterranean sea. At least I remember Croatian smiles when I listen to it!"
Akira Inagawa

Music Video Gallery

I believe music videos are essential when there is an associated story with the song you are listening to!

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