Maziš mi se (2020)


A Sensual Journey Through Experimental Electronica and Ballearic Soundscapes

With New Tracks on Vinyl, Plazmatick’s Latest Album is a Masterpiece of Innovative Music Production and Sensual vibes.

"In an era when the album format is becoming "traditional" and engulfed by couch-songs for YouTube, "Maziš mi se" is an album, in the full sense of the word, and in that sense, old-fashioned - it is listened to as one ride, without traffic signs, and the dividing line between genres is set ablaze in a revolutionary brotherhood of everything under the common denominator of dance. It's a journey through the last 40 or so years of electronic music, where genres intertwine, slow down, greet each other, rev up at the traffic lights, and show each other the middle finger through the window with a smile."
Velimir Grgić

Album Music Videos/Singles

Besides stunning artwork by Sensus Design Factory, the most impressive aspect of “Loner” is the 12 music videos that accompany each track. Plazmatick collaborated with free online video sources to create a stunning visual experience that perfectly complements the music. The videos are a testament to the power of creative collaboration and show how technology can be harnessed to create something truly unique.



Goga Pavlek @craftomoto

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