Hrđava vremena (2020)


Japanese Adventure Through Rusty Times

From Dubstep Bangers to Epic Electronica, Plazmatick’s Latest Release Showcases his Musical Mastery

"A stunning 12-track journey that takes the listener on a sonic adventure through a wide range of musical genres. From the dubstep banger "Samuraj," with its space surfing music video that perfectly captures the track's energetic vibe, to the epic down-tempo electronica of "Ostani doma," Plazmatick showcases his mastery of a variety of musical styles."
Velimir Grgić

Expertly crafted production, innovative sound design, and diverse range of musical styles

Each track on the album offers a unique perspective on the concept of time, exploring its many facets and complexities. Whether it’s the dreamy and introspective “Bologna,” the haunting and atmospheric “And later” or the high-energy and futuristic “Supernova,” Plazmatick delivers a cohesive and dynamic experience that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ / Ten electronically seductive compositions that also offer a specific emotion close to the cinematic expression, represent Mihalinec as a serious composer of electronic music who thinks about, feels and offers music through his arranging and composing creativity. Simultaneously powerful and gentle, strong and timid, but devilishly exciting, it is no wonder that his musical creativity has been recognized even in Japan. A musical backdrop of liberated imagination that only requires closing your eyes. Very good!"
Dubravko Jagatić


Tina Bauer @bauerstudio


Seiji Kurata

Story of a cover photo

Seiji Kurata was a visionary photographer whose unique eye captured the raw and gritty essence of Tokyo’s urban landscape. With his skillful use of light, shadow, and composition, Kurata transformed the mundane into the extraordinary, revealing the beauty in the overlooked corners of the city.

His iconic series, “Flash Up,” is a testament to his mastery of capturing the essence of Tokyo’s street culture in the 1970s and 1980s. Through his lens, we see the rebellious energy and vibrant individuality of Tokyo’s youth culture, frozen in time for generations to come.

Kurata’s legacy continues to inspire and influence photographers and artists around the world, proving that his unique perspective on Tokyo’s urban landscape is timeless and enduring.

A tattoed man, rooftop of Bungeiza Street Building, Ikebukuro, Tokyo 1975 ©Keiko Kurata
A tattoed man, rooftop of Bungeiza Street Building, Ikebukuro, Tokyo 1975 ©Keiko Kurata

The collaboration between Seiji Kurata and Marko Mihalinec – Plazmatick was a beautiful fusion of visual and auditory art that transcended borders and time. Kurata’s iconic photography, known for capturing the raw and gritty essence of Tokyo’s urban landscape, found new life as the cover of Plazmatick’s album “Hrđava vremena/Rusty Times.”

Kurata, with his visionary eye, gave permission to use one of his best photos for the album cover, a testament to his generosity and willingness to collaborate with artists of different mediums. Sadly, Kurata passed away just as the album was released, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and influence photographers and artists around the world.

Plazmatick’s haunting electronic music, perfectly matched with the imagery of Kurata’s photography, created a powerful and emotive experience for the listener. The album was more than just a collection of songs; it was a journey through time and space, a tribute to the artistic spirit of two creative minds who had never met in person but whose collaboration had resulted in something truly special.

The album went on to become the official soundtrack of Kurata’s Memorial Exhibition in the Zen Gallery in Tokyo, a fitting tribute to a photographer who had dedicated his life to capturing the essence of the city he loved. The collaboration between Seiji Kurata and Marko Mihalinec – Plazmatick serves as a reminder that art knows no boundaries and that the beauty of collaboration can create something that transcends time and space.

Dear Marko, I am happy to let you know that Kurata san remembers his deal with you and he is still happy to participate! Here is his message for you, passed to us by his wife, and I have translated it into English:

First I would like to congratulate you for your efforts in making the album happen since 2013. I clearly remember what we have been discussing on back then, so do not worry. The only thing we need to note is, like how various things have been going on your side, my situation has also changed and this time we need Zen Foto to communicate for us in between. So regarding any financial conditions please discuss directly with Zen Foto. Personally, I hope you can send me two free copies of the album with your signature. Stay safe,
Seiji Kurata

His wife told us he was happy to see the album jacket!


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