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Public Memory (USA)
His beginnings are related to the work with the bands Eraas and Apse, within which he dealt with the calmer and more dreamy side of pop sound with sound wanderings towards many genres that prove to be important at that given moment. However, he soon becomes independent and returns his consoles to what we are used to hearing not so long ago from the aces of the Bristol sound.
Club Močvara in Zagreb is a cult place of the local music scene.

Public Memory (USA), Plazmatick (HR)

Slow warm-up and fast after show


The leading faces of the future of finance, payment, technology, and crypto, are all coming together on our stage to discuss the most important FinTech issues of the time.
Money Motion 2023
2023 - Heads of leading international financial and technology institutions came together for a two day conference in an iconic art gallery in Zagreb, Croatia and have paved a path to an exciting journey of creating the only FinTech conference you should attend. We discussed topics from banking, payment, and crypto alternatives to incumbents to cybersecurity, digital identity, and sustainability.

Money Motion 2024.

Money Motion 2024

All-Nighter DJ Set


All-nighter for Events

A Musical Journey Through the Global Underground: Soveto, Favela & Ghetto


The energy and passion of Plazma's performance is infectious, with the crowd pulsating to the beat and dancing in unison. His ability to seamlessly blend genres and cultures is a true testament to artistry and soul.

Plazmatick’s DJ set is not your average music experience. Each hour with it’s own unique sound inspired by different global locales, the result is a stunning amalgamation of soul, jazz, afro-house, and underground electronica, woven seamlessly into a tapestry of house music that will transport you to another world.

From the rhythms of Soweto to the beats of Favela with the raw energy of the Ghetto, Plazmatick’s mix of sounds is a testament to the universal language of music. With each track, he’ll take you on a sonic journey that transcends borders and brings people together.


Marko Mihalinec

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