Plazmatick biography


As an electronic music producer with a career spanning over two decades, I have released 10+ albums that showcase my diverse sound.

In addition to my musical endeavors, I have also lent my talents to the film industry, composing soundtracks for numerous short and feature films, as well as commercial videos and presentations.

My passion for visual storytelling has also led me to create music and soundscapes for over 20 documentaries, exploring the intersection between music and culture.

To bring my music to life in a live setting, I have collaborated with a collective of creatives, including visual artists and designers to produce immersive experiences that combine soulful melodies & underground vibes with other forms of art.

Our events have been celebrated for their unique blend of creativity and authenticity, attracting a dedicated following of music and art enthusiasts.

Awards & Recognition

<Chat prompt: Four Haikus on Memories, write the deepest philosophical thoughts and make it extremely emotionally raw‍>


Memories, whispers
Echoes of a life well liv
Soul’s eterna
l song

Fading like the leaves
n winds of time and change
Memories remain

Painful memories
Scars of lessons
learned, but still
Healing, growth, and love

Memories of you
Tender, bittersweet, and true
Heart’s etern
al flame

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